What is CellEffic BM

Device Characteristics

CellEffic BM is a novel filter-based device.

KANEKA has successfully developed a filter-based device capable of efficiently harvesting MSCs from bone marrow.
The device provides users with an alternative method to harvest MSCs which is safer, easier and more efficient compared to conventional methods.
The device is produced under ISO13485 certification and has been CE marked.


Device Mechanisms

The heart of the device is the unique, patented technology found in the non-woven fabric filter.

CellEffic BM traps MSC by “sieving effects” of a non-woven fabric filter and cell “adherence” to the non-woven fabrics.

Sieving Effect/Adherence
Non-Woven Fabric Filter
Electron microscopy image showing cells attached to the filter fiber.

Mechanisms of MSC Trapping

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Notes for bone marrow fluid handling

  • Avoid processing 20ml or more of bone marrow fluid if the concentration of white blood cells is 4×107cells/ml or greater.

    Doing so may trap white blood cells in the column during delivery of bone marrow fluid and result in the saturation of white blood cells, clogging, and poor delivery.

  • Process the bone marrow fluid as soon as possible after collection.

    Long-term storage of bone marrow fluid is associated with greater possibility of poor delivery.

  • Keep the bone marrow fluid collected at room temperature (20 to 30°C) until processing with the device is completed.

    Low temperatures will activate blood platelets and result in poor delivery.


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