Product Information

Product Information

CellEffic BMCatalog No. : CE-BM

  1. Column
  2. Bone marrow fluid bag
  3. Cell harvest bag
  4. Waste solution bag
  5. Injection port for bone marrow fluid
  6. Injection port for cell harvest solution
  7. Cell harvest port
  8. Drip chamber
  9. Roller clamp
  10. Clamp
  11. Two-way cock
  12. Spike
  13. 50 ml Syringe for cell harvesting included
    *not shown in photograph

Materials and equipment to be provided by users

Please prepare the items below for use with CellEffic BM.

  1. 1. Saline (0.9% NaCl) bag

    with rubber cap attached

    volume : at least 100ml

  2. 2. Syringe


  1. 3. ACD-A solution
  2. 4. Cell harvest solution

    serum-containing medium (e.g., 10% FBS-containing medium) or saline

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CellEffic BM
CellEffic BM
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