What is CellEffic CB

Device Characteristics

CellEffic CB is a novel filter-based device.

KANEKA has successfully developed a filter-based device capable of efficiently processing cord blood with volumes of up to 100 ml, separating the nucleated cells from other blood components.
The device provides users with an alternative to conventional methods, to process cord blood which is safe, easy and efficient.
The device is produced under ISO13485 certification and has been CE marked.


Device Mechanisms

The heart of the device is the unique, patented technology found in the non-woven fabric filter.

CellEffic CB traps nucleated cells by “sieving effects” of a non-woven fabric filter and cell “adherence” to the non-woven fabrics.
RBC & plasma are not trapped by the filter and are thus removed.

Sieving Effect/Adherence
Non-Woven Fabric Filter
The non-woven fabric filter, which makes the unique trapping mechanism possible, is found within the compact column of the device.

Mechanisms of Cord Blood Processing

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Notes for cord blood handling

  • Cord blood should be appropriately anticoagulated by using commercially available blood bags containing citric acid to collect the cord blood (e.g., blood bags containing CPD, CPD-A, ACD, or ACD-A).

    Do not use cord blood anticoagulated with anticoagulants other than citric acid (e.g., heparin).
    Clotting of cord blood inside the device or a decrease in the recovery of the nucleated cells may occur if cord blood that has been insufficiently anticoagulated or anticoagulated using anticoagulants other than citric acid is used.

  • Cord blood should be processed within 2 days* (48 hours*) after being collected from the umbilical cord.

    The recovery of mononuclear cells are not affected when cord blood is processed on the day of collection, however the recovery of nucleated cells (especially granulocytes) may slightly decrease.
    *When cord blood is processed 3 days after collection, the recovery of mononuclear cells decrease.

  • The volume of cord blood should not exceed 100 ml.

    This device is able to process 35-100 ml of cord blood (including anticoagulant).
    When the volume exceeds 100 ml, the recovery of nucleated cells may decrease and may cause difficulties in processing.


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