Product Information

Product Information

CellEffic CBCatalog No. : CE-CB

  1. Column
  2. Spikes(a)(b)
  3. Chamber
  4. Cell harvest bag
  5. Waste solution bag
  6. Priming port
  7. Injection port for cell harvest solution
  8. Cell collection port
  9. Clamp(a)-(e)
  10. Luer lock syringe for priming
    supplied by Becton Dickinson and Company : Capacity 60 ml*not shown in photograph
    Luer lock syringe for cell harvesting
    supplied by Becton Dickinson and Company : Capacity 30 ml*not shown in photograph

Stand for CellEffic CB

  1. Stand
Stand for CellEffic CB
Image of the device setup with the stand.

Materials and equipment to be provided by users

Please prepare the items below for use with CellEffic CB.

  1. 1. Stand for CellEffic CB (available separately)
  2. 2. Cord blood bag
  3. 3. Physiological saline bag

    0.90% w/v Sodium Chloride, Sterile,
    medical grade products compatible with a spike,

  4. 4. Cell harvest solution

    Sterile, medical grade products,
    e.g., 6% (w/v) hydroxyethyl starch (HES) solution,
    physiological saline solution

  1. 5. Cyro-preservation bag
    (either of a, b and c below can be chosen)

    a : Cell collection syringe (Sterile, luer lock type syringes with
    30 ml capacity are recommended) and
    Cyro-preservation bag (Sterile, with a female luer connector)

    b : Cyro-preservation bag (Sterile, with a spike)

    c : Sterile Tubing Welder and Cyro-preservation bag (Sterile)

  2. 6. Alcohol prep pads

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